Certified and authentic range of halal food


Certified halal frozen foods

Home-made taste in a matter of minutes, Humza’s extensive product range offers a variety of meal solutions from the perfect nibbles, finger food and starters to satisfying main meals.

All prepared with the finest ingredients and the reassurance of 100% Halal meat.

For ‘made from scratch’ quality cooking without the fuss take a look at our full range.


The ubiquitous, deep fried South Asian snack that is an all-time favourite. Perfect with vegetables or meat the samosa is the ideal snack for all guests and has earned a loyal following the world over.

Spring Rolls

A popular starter in many cuisines, this traditional Chinese appetizer has been given a South Asian makeover with the addition of masala and other varieties to suit a myriad of tastes.


A selection of store cupboard staples for easy preparation in convenient, frozen format.


Frozen Desi Masala Fish - Lightly battered Spiced Fish Pieces