Premium Quality Halal Food Products

Humza Foods offers a wide range of premium quality, halal frozen foods, combining quality and convenience. Our fully HMB (Halal Monitoring Board) accredited products include samosas, spring rolls, kebabs, grills, burgers, sausages and even frozen vegetables popular in halal cooking.

Our delicious range has been perfected over the years by our specialists to bring you select cuts of meat, blended with the finest spices and exotic herbs for that unmistakeable home-cooked taste.

Our authentic range of ready-to-eat, premium food products are perfect for discerning consumers on the go, who refuse to compromise on taste.

Humza adhere to strict and traditional halal practices, as endorsed by Islamic scholars, and we use non pre-stunned Halal meat across our entire product range.

Humza Halal Promise

Humza Foods has been certified halal by the Halal Monitoring Board (HMB), indicating that our meats are compliant with strict Islamic guidelines, including the use of non pre-stunned meat in line with traditional halal practices. The HMB reach out to the highest standards of halal certification as prescribed by Sharia (Islamic Law) and is backed by The Islamic Shariah Council UK and established Muslim Scholars (Ulamah). We guarantee our partnered slaughter-house follow the appropriate slaughtering methods by regularly making unannounced visits. We do not accept any shipments from the slaughter-house without a stamp of approval from the HMB. Committed to serving the best quality, we offer complete traceability and transparency.

  • Humza’s ready-to-eat range has given us access to delicious meals many a day when we are both working late. We always stock our freezer with Humza rolls and kebabs so that we are sure of a good nutritious meal when we are short on time

    Syed and Amreen (Birmingham)


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